14 October historical events in english

14 October historical events in English

14 October historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of October 14, as well as know about births and deaths on October 14,


Born 14 October

1 – Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah I of Delhi (India) was born in 1643.

2 – Lala Hardayal, the founder of India’s famous revolutionary and ‘Gadar Party,’ was born in 1884.

3 – Zare’s President Mobutu Cess Seiko was born in 1930.

4 – Nikhil Ranjan Banerjee, one of India’s leading stars, was born in 1931.

5 – Param Vir Chakra honored Indian soldier Second lieutenant Arun Khetrapal was born in 1950.

6 – Indian coach Ritwik Bhattacharya was born in 1979.

7 – India’s international cricket player Gautam Gambhir was born in 1981.

14 October historical events

Those people who died today

1 – Razia Sultan, India’s first female ruler, died in 1240.

2 – Lokjanya Balgangadhar Tilak’s associate journalist and Marathi literary figure, Narasimha Chinaman, died in 1947.

3 – Dattapant Thangadi, founder of Nationalist Trade Union Leader and Founder of Indian Workers Union, died in 2004.

4 – Former Union Minister of India, lawyer and social worker Mohan Dharia passed away in 2013.

14 October historical events

Historical events of October 14

1 – The Norman Army, under the leadership of William near Hastings, defeated England in 1066 and killed King Harold II.

2 – The Scottish army defeated the English King Edward II in 1322 and thus liberated Scotland from the English rule.

3- The University of Punjab was established in Shimla in 1882. It was the fourth university of India organized by the British colonial government after Calcutta, Mumbai, and Madras.

4 – the Fourth tropical storm of the year came to the right north of Panama in 1923.

5 – Germany announced the exit of the Allies group in 1933.

6 – Japan declared independence of the Philippines in 1943

7 – The ceasefire agreement between the Netherlands and Indonesia was signed in 1946.

8 – The Great War started between Israel and Egypt in 1948.

9- In India, the Estate Charges Act came into effect in 1953.

14 October historical events

10 – Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar accepted Buddhism in Cochanda with his 3,85,000 followers in 1956 and advised his supporters to follow 22 Buddhist vows.

11 – Hosni Mubarak became the fourth President of Egypt in 1981.

12 – One million people protested against nuclear energy in Bonn of Germany in 1979.

13 – Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and Prince Philip paid homage to the martyrs of the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar on 1997.

14 – Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) rejected in the US Senate in 1999.

15 – the United States shut down its embassy in 22 countries, including Pak in 2000.

16 – With the promise to meet Qatar in 2002, the 14th Asian Games will be played in Busan.

14 October historical events

17 – The National Assembly of Pakistan passed the bill that was passed by President Pervez Musharraf in the army in 2004.

18 – International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approved Nepal in 2007 for the use of nuclear technology in the medical and agricultural sectors.

19 – In 2008, the Reserve Bank of India announced the release of an additional 200 billion rupees to meet the needs of mutual funds.

20 – The 19th Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in 2010

21 – In a mosque in Nigeria, 2012, shooters killed 20 people.

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