15 December History | Historical events English

15 December History | Historical events English

15 December History | Historical events English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of December 15, as well as know about births and deaths on December 15,


Born 15 December

1 – The French engineer and architect Gustav Eiffel, who created Eiffel Tower, was born in 1852.

2 – Indian famous comedian and director Bapu was born in 1933.

3 – The country’s great footballer, Bichung Bhutia, was born in 1976.

4 – The Indian female wrestler Geeta Fogat was born in 1988.

5 – Indian computer engineer Piyush Kamal was born in 1992.

15 December History | Historical events English

Those people who died today

1 – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s grandson Shahu died in 1749.

2 – Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the first Home Minister of India’s freedom fighter and independent India, died in 1950.

3 – Gandhiji’s follower freedom fighter, Potti Sriramulu died in 1952.

4 – Walt Disney, founder of the world’s largest animation company, died in 1966.

5 – Governor of Mauritius Shivsagar Ramgoolam died in 1985.

6 – Efficient journalist and writer Gaur Kishore Ghosh died in 2000.

15 December History | Historical events English

Historical events of December 15

1 – The Revolutionary Tribunal in France was abolished in 1794.

2 – East India Company occupied Orissa (now Odisha) in 1803.

3- The Banaras Hindu University Society was established in 1911.

4 – France defeated Germany in the Battle of Vardun in 1916 during World War I.

5 – The Republic of Moldova announced to be independent of Russia in 1917.

6 – India’s S. Vijayalakshmi Pandit was elected the first woman president of the eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly in 1953.

7 – Adolf Aishman, the organizer of the massacre in the Jewish massacre of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, was declared dead in 1961 in today’s day.

8 – 15,000 people died in the cyclone in 1961 on the banks of river Ganga in Bangladesh.

9 – Samoa, independent of New Zealand, became a member of the United Nations in 1976.

15 December History | Historical events English

10 – Renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray received the special Oscar for his achievements in the cinema world in 1991.

11 – GATT in Geneva (general favor on trade and tourism) Signed by the 126 countries on the World Trade Agreement in 1993.

12 – In the United Nation 1997, the General Assembly passed a resolution to declare the blasts done by militants on a public place, vehicle or office as illegal.

13 – Arundhati Roy was awarded the UK’s “Booker Prize” in 1997 for her novel ‘The God of Small Things’.

14 – Chernobyl reactor closed in 2000 for eternity.

15 – Pisa’s Tilt Tower in Italy was re-opened in 2001 after closure of 11 years.

16 – The Bhutan government started its operations in 2003 against the active Indian separatists here.

17 – Elections for the formation of new government in Iraq in 2005.

15 December History | Historical events English

18 – Emergency Citizen Laws in Pakistan in 2007.

19 – The Union Cabinet approved the proposal to constitute a National Investigation Agency to deal with terrorist incidents in 2008.

20 – A boat carrying 90 refugees near Australia’s Christmas Island in 2010 killed 48 people due to the crash.

21 – In 2014 a café in Sydney, a person Haroon Monis mortgages people for 16 hours. In addition to Monis in police action, two others were also killed.

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