19 October historical events in english

19 October historical events in English

19 October historical events in english

Friends, today we know about the critical events of October 19, as well as know about births and deaths on October 19,


Born 19 October

1 – The famous woman revolutionary Matangini Hazara was born in 1870.

2 – Freedom fighter Sarangandar Das was born in 1887.

3 – Famous composer of Hindi films R. C. Boral was born in 1903.

4 – Astrophysicist Shastri Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar was born in 1910.

5 – The famous Shire wizard was born in 1911.

6 – Indian hockey player Balbir Singh was born in 1920.

7 – American journalist Jack Anderson was born in 1922.

8 – The spiritual master and Philosopher Pandurang Shastri Athavale was born in 1920.

9 – Bhola Shankar Vyas, famous litterateur of Kashi (present-day Banaras), was born in 1923.

10 – Ajay Singh, born in 1961, popularly known as Hindi actor Sunny Deol.

11 – Famous woman social worker Nirmala Deshpande, born of Gandhian ideology, was taken in 1929.

19 October historical events in english

Those people who died today

1 – Jonathan Swift, author of the famous book ‘Travels of Gully,’ died in 1745.

2 – Ramavad Dwivedi, one of the famous writers, died in 1971.

Historical events of October 19

1 – For the first time in Boston, the General Court was organized in 1630.

2 – France’s C. Hofer patented the fire extinguishers in 1722.

3 – England announces war on Spain in 1739

4 – British General Cornwallis surrendered in America in 1781, the American Revolution War concluded.

5 – Lepping war ended in 1813

6 – The first flour mill was introduced in the US air force in 1853.

7 – In 1872 in New South Wales, the world’s most significant gold piece (215 kg) was found.

8 – French leader Napoleon Bonaparte removed his army from the capital of Russia in 1889.

9 – The German scientist Max Planck had propounded ‘Planck’s law’ in 1900. It is also called the rule of ‘black body emission.’

19 October historical events in english

10 – Russia and Italy announce the war on Bulgaria in 1915

11 – Abdul Aziz declared himself safe in the holy places in Mecca in 1924.

12 – John C. Garand patented a semi-automatic rifle in 1926.

13 – The British Government signed the Trade Agreement with the Soviet Union in 1932.

14 – Ford Motor Company owner Henry Ford gave his first speech on the radio in 1932.

15 – Germany came out of the Treaty of Allies in 1933

16 – Albert Schatz, a student of Rutgers University, developed the ‘streptomycin’ drug used in the treatment of tuberculosis in 1943.

19 October historical events in english

17 – The war between the armies of USA and Japan in the Philippine Islands began in 1944.

18 – Mother Teresa founded the Missionary of Charities in Calcutta (India) in 1950.

19 – Sriramulu Potti started the hunger strike for separate Andhra State in 1952.

20 – Russia and Japan signed the signing of the signing of the two countries from 1945 to officially ending the war in 1956.

21 – Martin Luther King-Jr. Of America, who ran for civil rights movement, was arrested in Atlanta in 1960.

22 – The first MiG-21 aircraft manufactured in India was incorporated in the Indian Air Force on 1970.

23 – an American citizen of Indian origin, Dr. S. Chandrasekhar is another American scientist. 1983’s Nobel Prize in Physics with Williams Fowler

19 October historical events in english

24 – In 1987, at Wall Street, New York, the significant downturn in the price of the shares was under heavy pressure of the sale, and its impact was on the stock markets around the world.

25 – North Korea and the United States in Geneva In 1994, the United States signed a historic agreement to keep the island utterly free from the spread of nuclear weapons in 1994.

26 – Government of India announced in 2000 the creation of an electronic database of all central Acts from 1834 to 1996.

27 – Pope John Paul II declared Mother Teresa to be blessed in 2003. This is the first step towards giving a saint’s title.

28 – US Secretary of State Colin Powell disclosed in 2004 that the US-Pakistan war ended with the efforts of the US.

29 – China left its first commercial weather satellite in 2004.

19 October historical events in english

30 – Soo Win became the new Prime Minister of Myanmar in 2004.

31 – Beginning hearing in Baghdad against the deposed President of Iraq against Saddam Hussein of 2005

32 – Tata Motors removed 300 temporary workers in 2008 due to the recession in the automobile market.

33 – the Maldives located in the Indian Ocean, in 2009, the world’s first cabinet meeting in water, and warned of the dangers of global warming to all nations.

34 – A bomb blast in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, 2012 killed eight people, 110 others injured jokes

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