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2 December History | Historical events English

2 December History | Historical events English

2 December History | Historical events English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of December 2, as well as know about births and deaths on December 2,


Born 2 December

1 – President of Indian National Congress N.G. Chandavarkar was born in 1855.

2 – The famous public servant of Uttar Pradesh and Sant Baba Raghavdas was born in 1886.

3- Pitambar Dutt Badhwal, a well-known Hindi writer and scholar Acharya Ramchandra Shukla, was born in 1901.

4 – Famous producer of south Indian cinema-director B. Nagi Reddy was born in 1912.

5 – The famous politician, former Lok Sabha speaker Manohar Joshi was born in 1937.

6 – Famous film scriptwriter Achla Nagar was born in 1939.

7 – Famous Indian-American scientist Shiva Iyyarai was born in 1963.

2 December History | Historical events English

Those people who died today

1 – India’s leading educationist Gurudas Banerjee died in 1918.

2 – President Clement Voroshilov of Soviet Union died in 1969.

3 – Canada’s famed novelist, playwright, and critic Robertson Davis died in 1995.

4 – The Chief Minister of the Provincial Congress Committee and the P.C. Merry Chenna Reddy, Member of the Working Committee, died in 1996.

5 – Actress Preeti Ganguly, the character of Hindi cinema, died in 2012.

6 – Famous comedian Deven Verma of Hindi cinema died in 2014.

7 – Indian politician and 8th Chief Minister of Maharashtra, AR Antulay died in 2014.

2 December History | Historical events English

Historical events of December 2

1 – Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned as French Emperor in 1804.

2 – France became the first Austrian emperor in Joseph 1848.

3 – George V and Queen Mary become the first King, Queen of Britain to come to India in 1911. Gateway of India was built in memory of his Bombay (now Mumbai) arrival.

4 – In 1942, the Sri Arvindo Ashram School was established in Pondicherry (now Puducherry), which was later known as Sri Arvindo International Center of Education.

5 – Security Treaty between the USA and Nationalist China in 1954
Border Security Force was established in 1965.

6 – the United Arab Emirates announced independence from Britain in 1971.
Fidel Castro became President of Cuba in 1976.

7 – The Socialist majority in the first parliament of Spain and Philip Gonzalez elected Prime Minister in 1982.

8 – Benazir Bhutto took over as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988.

9 – Vishwanath Pratap Singh became the seventh Prime Minister of the country in 1989.

10 – Judge of the Singaporean Court, in 1995, for more than six and a half years in prison for the Barring’s conviction.

11 – Private sector investment in the insurance sector was approved in India in 1999.

12 – In 2002, 219 people were rescued from ‘Wildstar,’ a burning passenger ship on the Bora-Bora island of Pacific Ocean.

2 December History | Historical events English

13 – In 2005, the Pakistan Government enacted laws to prevent the spread of religious hatred by the madarsas and the publication of education and literature that inspires terrorism.

14 – Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf banned protests and rallies in the country given the proposed elections of January 8, 2007.

15 – Punjab National Bank deducted FCNR interest rates in 2008


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 madhypradesh ki jalvayu part 2



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