21 september historical events in english

21 September historical events in English

21 september historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of September 21, as well as know about births and deaths on September 21,


Born 21 September

1 – Today, the famous British historian and historian Herbert George Welles were born in 1866.

2 – The author of the famous writer Annanananand was born in 1895 in the artistic comedians.

3 – Hindi cinema actress Azra was born in 1895.

4 – Indian freedom fighter, from 1948 to 1954, the Chief Minister of Saurashtra State, Uchhangarai Nawal Shankar Dhabar, was born in 1905.

5 – Famous actress and singer Noorjahan was born in 1926, who worked in Indian and Pakistani cinema.

6 – West Indian fast bowler Kurtley Ambrose was born in 1963. He took 405 wickets in 98 tests and 225 wickets in 176 one-dayers in his career.

7 – Indian film actress Kareena Kapoor was born in 1980.

21 september historical events

Those people who died today

1 – Aamer’s hero and very diplomat Raja Sawai Jai Singh died in 1743.

2 – The death of the supporters of the women’s rights, writers, speaker and Indian lover Annie Besant came in 1933.

3 – Fighter, journalist, social activist and MP Amarnath Vidyalankar of Indian freedom struggle died in 1985.

21 september historical events

Historical events of September 21

1 – Today, King James I of Britain gave the title of the Nova Scotia sub-union to Sir Alexander Stirling in 1621.

2 – John and Nichols van der Heyden of the Netherlands had obtained a patent for fire extinguishers in 1677 on this day.

3 – America’s first daily newspaper (Pennsylvania Packet & General Advertiser) was printed in 1784.

4 – Palghat surrendered with the 60 guns in front of the British contingent under the leadership of General Medov in 1790.

5 – King William I took oath in Brussels in 1815

6 – Bahadur Shah II surrendered before the British in 1857.

7 – The People of the Netherlands performed 1885 for the right to vote in the elections.

8 – Atlanta Life Insurance Company formed in 1905.

9 – ‘My Wiki Reader’ Magazine was started in 1928.

10 – Cyclonic storm (183 miles per hour), in 1938, 700 deaths in New England

21 september historical events

11 – Nazis killed 2588 Jews in Ukraine, in Dnewitzi, 1942.

12 – Boeing B-29 Superfortress flew its first flight in 1942.

13 – Communist leaders in China announced the ‘People’s Republic of China’ party in 1949, which is China’s largest political party.

14 – Malta achieved independence from Britain in 1964.

15 – The famous Indian swimmer, Mihir Sen, in 1966, crossed the Bay of Basehor on the same day and made another name.

16 – Britain’s Royal Air Force aircraft crashed in 1971 in Cambridgeshire city. In which one male and two boys died.

17 – The so-called emperor Bokassa Soldier of Central African Republic deposed in 1979 in the Revolution.
Brunei joined the United Nations in 1984

18 – Armenia got independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

19 – Videotape related to the love affair of U.S. President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky released in 1998.

20 – The death of 2400 people by the Chi-Chi earthquake in 1999 in central Taiwan

21 september historical events

21 – ‘Liberal Democratic Friends of India Society’ was established in 2000 for better relations between India and Britain.

22 – In Afghanistan, in 2001, the ruling Taliban regime and the Northern Alliance started the fight.

23 – The new draft of constitutional amendments also rejected by the opposition of Pakistan in 2003.

24 – The US lifted economic sanctions from Libya in 2004.

25 – Junichiro Kojumumi was again elected Prime Minister of Japan in 2005.

26 – Tanzanian scientists claimed to search for rare species of fish in 2007.

27 – oil products started in Reliance Godavari basin 2008.

28 – BJP’s top command released a second list of candidates for the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly in 2009.

21 september historical events

29 – A team of international scientists, led by the University of Australia, succeeded in discovering 16 genes responsible for hypertension in 2011.

30 – In 2013, at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, 67 people died in the terrorist attack on the terrorist organization Al Shabab.

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