5 November historical events English

5 November historical events English

5 November historical events English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of November 5, as well as know about births and deaths on November 5,


Born 5 November

1 – Great freedom fighter Chittaranjan Das was born in 1870.

2 – Former Chief Minister of Haryana and freedom fighter, Banasi Das Gupta was born in 1917.

3 – Famous writer of Hindi, Uday Raj Singh, was born in 1921.

5 November historical events English

Those people who died today

1 – Ferozeshah Mehta, the creator of the Indian politician and constitution of the Bombay Municipality (Charter), died in 1915.

2 – Faiaz Khan, the best singer of Dhrupad and Khayyal singing style, died in 1950.

3 – Famous poet and critic Vijaydev Narayan Sahi passed away in 1982.

4 – Writer and poet Nagarjuna of the Ragatist ideology passed away in 1998.

5 – Hindi film producer-director B. R. Chopra dies in 2008.

6 – India’s singular artist Bhupen Hazarika dies in 2011.

5 November historical events English

Historical events of November 5

1 – In the second battle of Panipat in 1556, Mughal ruler Akbar defeated Hemu.

2 – Signing peace agreement between Spain and England in 1630

3 – The establishment of the first post office in Massachusetts in 1639.

4 – Germany’s special army Brandenburgers captured the city of Greenwald in 1678 in Sweden.

5 – Spain and Austria signed secret agreements in 1725.

In the battle of Crimea in 6 – 1854, the British and French joint forces defeated the Russian army at Carman.

7 – Ulysses S. Grant elected the US President for the second time in 1872.

8 – George B Seldom got the first patent of America in 1895 for the automobile.

9 – The war against Turkey by England and France was announced in 1914.

5 November historical events English

10 – The Indian Red Cross Society was established in 1920.

11 – America’s great writer, Sinclair Lewis, received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930 for his work ‘Babet.’

12 – Adolf Hitler called a secret meeting in 1937 and disclosed his plan to take more space for the German public.

13 – America tested nuclear tests in 1951 at Neda Atomic Center.

14 – India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru traveled to New York in 1961

15 – The Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test in 1976.

16 – The brutal assassination of Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Robin in 1995.

17 – Pakistan’s President Farooq Ahmed Khan removed the government of Benazir Bhutto in 1996 and dissolved the Pakistan National Assembly.

5 November historical events English

18 – West Indies great fast bowler Malcolm Marshall died in 1999.

19 – India and Russia rejected the Taliban involvement in the Afghan government in 2001.

20 – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini gave a general apology to the country’s top dissident leader Abdullah Noori, who was jailed in 2002.

21 – Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death in 2006 in connection with the murder of 148 Shi’ahs in 1982, including two companions.

22 – Iraq’s Empowerment Tribunal awarded death sentence to Saddam Hussein, the deposed President of the country, in 2006 for being guilty of crimes against humanity.

5 November historical events English

23 – China’s first space shuttle reached the orbit of Change of Moon in 2007.

24 – In Syria, suicide bombs in 2012 killed 50 soldiers.

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 madhypradesh ki jalvayu part 2


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