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6 December History | Historical events English

6 December History | Historical events English

6 December History | Historical events English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of December 6, as well as know about births and deaths on December 6,


Born 6 December

1 – The first Governor General of the East India Company Warren Hastings was born in 1732.

2 – Brijlal Vayani, the prominent social and political activist of Madhya Pradesh, was born in 1896.

6 December History | Historical events English

Those people who died today

1 – A Bahujan political leader Bhimrao Ambedkar died in 1956.

2 – Param Vir Chakra honored Indian military Major Hoshiar Singh died in 1998.

3 – Famous actress, Bina Rai of Hindi films, died in 2009.

4 – Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Dr. Brahma Dev Sharma died in 2015.

5 – Famous Indian character actor Ram Mohan died in 2015.

6 December History | Historical events English

Historical events of December 6

1 – The first incident of robbery related to India’s freedom struggle took place at Chingari Pota Railway Station in 1907.

2 – Finland announced independence from Russia in 1917.

3 – Independent state came into existence in Irish 1922.

4 – Firak Gorakhpuri was a political prisoner of the British government in early 1926 in his literary career.

5 – The longest and most crucial tunnel in the world in Italy started in 1958.

6 – The Constitution was adopted in 1978 in European country Spain.

7 – The death of six civilians in a bus blast in 1983 in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem

8 – Under the efforts to prevent war, Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein ordered the release of all foreign hostages made in Iraq and Kuwait in 1990.

6 December History | Historical events English

9 – International Climate Conference In 1997 In Kyoto (Japan) Inauguration

10 – Sweden became Davis Cup winner for the second consecutive time, defeating Italy in the opening of the 13th Asian Games in 1998.

11 – Hugo Chavez elected President of Venezuela in 1998.

12 – 283 prisoners fugitive from Indonesian prison in 1999.

13 – In 2001, the Taliban agreed to put weapons in Afghanistan

14 – Spain’s Carlos Moya was given the title ‘ATP European Player of the Year’ in 2002.

15 – NASA made pictures painted by Mars Global Survey in 2006.

6 December History | Historical events English

16 – In Australia’s schools, in 2007, it was now permitted to take Sikh students with misery and let Muslim students wear hijab in classrooms.

17 – Central Bank cuts repo rate and 1% reduction in reverse rate in 2008 Combined maneuvers, Exercise Hand in Hand 2008, started between Belgaum, Karnataka, India, and China.

18 – During the demonstration in Egypt in 2012, seven people were killed and 770 injured.

 madhypradesh ki jalvayu part 2


 madhypradesh ki jalvayu part 2




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