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Bharat ke yudh

Bharat ke yudh

Deliverance war

This war between Alexander and Poros was 326 B.C. Happened in. In which Alexander was victorious, it is also known as the Battle of Hedespees or Jhelum.


Chandragupta Maurya – Seleucus war

The founder of the Maurya dynasty between Chandragupta Maurya and Seleucus Nike was born in 305 BC. The war happened in which Chandragupta Maurya won Seleucus made a treaty with Chandragupta in this war, according to which Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, and Makran Chandragupta were given. Seleucus Nikator married his daughter with Chandragupta Maurya.

bharat ke yudh

Harsh – Pulekeshin II

This war happened between Harshavardhana of Pushybuti dynasty and Chalukya ruler Pulekeshin II in 630 – 634 AD, in which Harsh Vardhan was defeated. The information of this war comes from the eighth article of Pulakishan II.

First Battle Of Terrain

This war was between Muhammad Ghauri and Prithviraj Chauhan in 1191 AD. Prithviraj Chauhan was victorious in this war.


Second Battle of Tarain

In 1192 AD, there was a war between Prithviraj Chauhan and Muhammad Gauri in which Muhammad Ghauri was victorious.

bharat ke yudh

Battle of Chandavar

The battle of Chandavar was in 1194 AD between Muhammad Gauri and King Jayachand of Kannauj, in which Gauri was victorious.

First War of Panipat

This battle took place between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi on 12 April 1526 AD. In this war, Babur established the Mughal Empire by winning. For the first time, Babar used artillery and Tughla’a policy in this war.


Battle of Khanwa

This war between Babar and Rana Sagar happened on 16 March 1527, in which Babar was victorious.
Battle of Chanderei – Battle of Chandari occurred between Babar and Madinarai on January 29, 1528. Babur also won in this

bharat ke yudh

Ghaghra war

Babur and Afghans were defeated in 1529 AD during the battle of Ghaghra in which Babar was victorious.

Battle of Chausa

This war took place between Humayun and Sher Shah Suri in 1539 AD in which Sher Shah Suri won.


Battle of Bilgram

Between Humayun and Sher Shah Suri, the battle of Bilgram or Kannauj was fought in 1540 AD in which Sher Shah Suri won again. After defeating, Humayun went to Sindh, and Sher Shah Suri captured it in Delhi and Agra.


War of Sirhindi

In 1555, Humayun defeated Suri’s descendants in the battle of Sirhindi and again took control of Delhi.

bharat ke yudh

Second Battle of Panipat

This war happened between Akbar and Hemu on 5 November 1556 AD. Akbar’s army defeated Hemu in this war.

War of talikota

The war in 1565 AD is also called the battle of monstrous warrior or Bunnihati. This war happened between the Vijayanagar empire and the kingdoms of the south. As a result, the Vijayanagar empire collapsed.


Battle of the Turf Valley

The battle of the Haldi valley took place between Maharana Pratap and Akbar’s army in 1576 AD. In this war, Mann led the Mughal army and was laughing and hoping. Akbar’s army was victorious in this battle.

bharat ke yudh

Battle of Assyrgarh

This was Akbar’s last campaign, in which Akbar fought with Miran Bahadur in southern India in 1601 AD.

war of Plasi

This war happened in 1757 between the British and the Nawab Sirajuddaula of Bengal. Mir Jafar was the leader of the British in this war led by Clive and Nawab’s army. Mir Jafar indirectly cooperated with the British who lost the Nawab.


Panipat III War

This war took place between the Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1761 AD. Sadashiv Bhau had led the Marathas in this war. The Marathas were defeated in this war.


Battle of Buxar

Battle of Buxar was in 1764 AD. In this war Captain Munro was led by the British and on the other side Nawab Shujauddaula of Awad, the combined army of Mughal emperor Shah Alam II and Mir Qasim, the British conquered this war. After this, the Nawab of Oudh and the Mughal emperor became dependent on the British.

bharat ke yudh

First Anglo-Mysore War

This war happened between the British and ruler of Mysore, Hyder Ali in 1767 – 1769 AD. Haider Ali won in this war, and the British made a treaty of Madras with Hyder Ali.

Second Anglo-Mysore War

In 1780 – 1784 AD, this war was fought as a result of the British did not follow the treaty of Madras. Hadar Ali died in 1782 AD. Tipu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali, took over the command of the Mysore army. In the end, Tipu Sultan finally concluded the Treaty of Mangalore from the British in 1784 AD.


Third Anglo-Mysore War

This war happened between Tipu Sultan and the British in 1790 – 1792 AD, in which the British led by Carnavalis. This war ended with the Treaty of Shringirapatnam in 1792 AD.

Fourth Anglo-Mysore War

Lord Welley, who led the British in this war, invaded Tipu Sultan by accusing British of conspiring in 1799 AD. Tipu Sultan was killed in this war.

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Madhya pradesh ka aadhunik itihas part 3


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