Morarji Desai Biography | मोरारजी देसाई की जीवनी

Morarji Desai Biography | मोरारजी देसाई की जीवनी

Morarji Desai Biography

Full name – Morarji Ranchodji Desai
Birth – 29 February 1896
Birthplace – Bhadalei Village
Father – Ranchodji Desai
Mother – Viaiben Desai
Marriage – Only in the year 1911, at the age of 15, Jaraben was born.

Morarji Desai Biography

The early life of Morarji Desai

Morarji Desai was born on February 29, 1896, in the village Bhadalei in Bulbasaur district of Gujarat.

His father Ranchodji Desai was a school teacher in Bhavnagar, and later he was self-murdered due to having suffered from mental depression.

Morarji accepted his primary education ‘The Kundla School’ of Saurashtra and later he enrolled in Vaalsar’s Avi High School.

After attending Wilson College, Mumbai, he joined the Civil Service of Gujarat.

During 1927-28, he was accused of biases in Godhra riots, in which he resigned from the position of deputy collector of Godhra in 1930.

Morarji Desai Biography

Political career of Morarji Desai

After leaving the government job, Morarji Desai jumped into the Independence Movement. After this, he participated in ‘Civil Disobedience’ movement against the British under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

Morarji went to jail several times during the freedom movement. In 1931, he became secretary of the Congress Committee of Gujarat Pradesh and then formed the All India Youth Congress’s branch and became its president.

With his leadership skills, he became the leader of the freedom fighters and became a vital leader of the Gujarat Congress.

After the provincial election of 1934 and 1937, he was given the Revenue of the Bombay Presidency and the Home Ministry.

As has been said above that Morarji’s name had been vulgar in national politics during the independence movement, but his primary interest was in the politics of the state, hence in 1952, he was made the Chief Minister of Bombay province.

Morarji Desai Biography

Both Gujarat and Maharashtra came under the Bombay Provinces. Meanwhile, demand for making two separate states – Maharashtra (Marathi speaking area) and Gujarat (Gujarat speaking areas) – started growing but Morarji was not prepared for such kind of division.

In 1960, Morarji ordered the shooters of ‘United Maharashtra Samiti’ to shoot at IAA, in which about 105 people were killed.

After this incident, Morarji was removed from the post of Chief Minister of Bombay and taken to the Center.

Morarji was made Home Minister in the Central Government As Home Minister; he had banned indecency in the staging of films and plays.

He used to oppose Nehru’s socialism As a nationalist and anti-corruption leader, his stance was increasing in the Congress party, and after Nehru, he was seen as a future Prime Minister.

Morarji Desai Biography

But Lal Bahadur Shastri was made Prime Minister after Jawaharlal Nehru’s death, and Morarji was shocked.

The coincidence of fate occurred that after the sudden death of Shastri, only after 18 months, the Prime Minister’s chair was once again vacant.

After the death of Shastri, the President of the Congress Kamaraj suggested the name of Pandit Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister, but Morarji Desai also proposed her name for the post of Prime Minister.

This stalemate was resolved through voting by the Congress Parliamentary Party, and Indira Gandhi was victorious.

After this, Morarji became the deputy prime minister and finance minister in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet. In 1969, when Indira withdrew the finance ministry from him, he resigned from the office.

After this, Congress got divided into two blocks. The leader of one was Morarji and the second was Indira Gandhi.

Morarji Desai Biography

In the Lok Sabha election of 1971, Indira Gandhi had immense successes, but Morarji (who himself had won the election) could not make anything special.

On March 12, 1975, Morarji Desai started the agitation in support of the Gujarat Navnirman Movement.

In 1975, when the Allahabad High Court declared Indira Gandhi’s 1971 election illegal, the opposition demanded her resignation after which an emergency was imposed in the country and all the prominent leaders, including Morarji Desai, were sent to jail.

In 1977, anti-corruption movement and anti-emergency air under the leadership of Jayprakash Narayan, in the Lok Sabha election, the Congress was defeated in North India, and under the leadership of Morarji Desai, the Janata Party government was formed.

Morarji Desai Biography

Morarji Desai Biography

Morarji Desai as Prime Minister (1977-1979)

In the Lok Sabha elections of March 1977, the Janata Party got a clear majority, but at this time apart from Morarji, two other prime ministerial nominees were present – Chaudhary Charan Singh and Jagjivan Ram – Jayprakash Narayan supported Morarji Desai.

Thus, at the age of 81, Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister of India. During their rule, the governments of Congress-ruled nine states were disbanded and announced to be made new elections.

This move of the government was indirect, indomitable and unconstitutional, by the spirit of a clean exchange.

Morarji Desai took the initiative to improve relations with neighbouring countries Pakistan and China.

They restored diplomatic relations with China and returned many constitutional amendments made by the Indira Gandhi government back to their original form.

During the election campaign, Morarji Desai had talked about the closure of India’s intelligence agency ‘Raw’, and when he became the Prime Minister, he reduced the size of the agency and the budget very little.

Morarji Desai Biography

The Janata Party had succeeded in forming the government by defeating the Congress on the basis of corruption and emergency, but the mutual discord of the component parties caused a lot of damage to the government, and in 1979 Raj Narayan and Chaudhary Charan Singh withdrew support to the government, then only In less than two years, Morarji Desai had to resign as Prime Minister.

Morarji Desai Biography

Morarji Desai dies

After resigning from the post of Prime Minister, Morarji Desai retired from politics at the age of 83 and started living in Mumbai. He passed away on April 10, 1995, at the age of 99.

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