Sanjay national park General information in english

Sanjay national park General information in english

Sanjay national park

Sanjay national park

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aSanjay National Park is located in the direct district of Madhya Pradesh.

  Located in 1981, this national park claims to have three hundred and nine species of tigers, leopards, chital, sambar, wild boar, Nilgai, chinkara, civet, porcupine, and birds.

  The park is mainly filled with year-old trees. After the partition of Madhya Pradesh in 2000, a considerable portion of it went to Chhattisgarh state.

Status of Sanjay National Park

Sanjay Tiger Reserve is a part of the Vindhya region, which is very rich with biodiversity diversity.

Forests of southern and south-eastern areas are essential regarding wildlife management.

 These Sanjay also provide the possibility of producing a corridor for wildlife transit between Sanjay National Park and the potential increase in the number of wild animals in the protected areas, also offer the possibility of expansion for their expansion.

Keeping clean, ecological processes and functioning smoothly is one of the most important products of clear, clean water.

In the catchment area of ​​the perennial rivers like Son, Gopad and Banas are in the area.

 Clean and soft water flow in these rivers throughout the year, it is essential to maintain these forests in good condition.

 Apart from this, there are other big river basins in the fields like Maavai, Mohan, Neuer, Vadchad, Mahan, etc. Great rivers, which contain water throughout the year.

Sanjay national park

These are finally found in the Son river itself. Therefore, maintaining the forests in the densest condition is very important for the continuous flow of water in the Son river.

The caves in the area are an adequate number of shelves, weeds, pits, etc. which make their vital contribution in providing shelter for wild animals.

 In shady and hollow trees birds make their habitat. In the field of planning, there are some big dams and ponds in big rivers and revenues and forest lands, which, from the aquatic ecosystem, from crocodile and gong to different types of fishes, amphibians, insects, mollusks, nematodes, reptiles, birds, etc. Provide shelter.

Animals found in Sanjay National Park


Tigers, pendants, bears, hyena, fox, goldsmith, wolf, jackal, wild cat, wild pig


Cheetal, Sambhar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Bandar, Meki, Rabbit, Sehi, Chauing, Vanmurgi, Peacock, Mongoose

Sanjay National Park arrived this way

Rail track –

Jabalpur, Boyohari, Satna, Rewa

Roadway –

Buhari from Rewa, straight from Allahabad, Saturn from Buhari.

Air Way – 

Allahabad, Banaras and Jabalpur

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Mp ke khanij sansadhan part 2


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