V P Singh Biography | वी.पी. सिंह की जीवनी

V P Singh Biography | वी.पी. सिंह की जीवनी

V P Singh Biography | वी.पी. सिंह की जीवनी

V P Singh Biography

The Early life of V P Singh

The son of King Bahadur Ram Gopal Singh, Shri V.P. Singh was born on 25 June 1931 in Allahabad.

He got an education from Allahabad and Poona University. On 25th June 1955, she was married to Mrs. Sita Kumari, and she has two sons.

Vishwanath Pratap Singh had become interested in politics in his student life. He was from a prosperous family, for this reason, he got success in youth politics.

Their relationship has been with the Indian Congress Party. He reached the Uttar Pradesh assembly in 1969-1971.

He also took over the charge of Chief Minister in Uttar Pradesh. His Chief Minister’s tenure remained from June 9, 1980, to June 28, 1982.

After that, he became the Union Commerce Minister on January 29, 1983. Vishwanath Pratap Singh was also a member of the Rajya Sabha.

V P Singh Biography

On December 31, 1984, he became the Finance Minister of India. In the scenario of Indian politics, Vishwanath Pratap Singh was the finance minister when he was confronted with Rajiv Gandhi.

Vishwanath Pratap Singh had information that many Indians have deposited considerable amounts in foreign banks.

VP Singh, i.e., Vishwanath Pratap Singh, appointed the Fairfax, a spy agency in the US so that such Indians can be traced.

VP Singh’s education began with the Cambridge School of Dehradun. After completing further studies from Allahabad, then after studying from Pune University in Poona.

He has been trending in politics since the time of his studies; he was the president of Union Students Union of Uday Pratap College, Varanasi, apart from this, he was the Vice President of Allahabad University.

V P Singh Biography

VP Singh was very fond of writing poetry, so he also wrote many books.

VP Singh had organized a lot of movement during the student era, and therefore his love for power increased.

He was from a prosperous family, but he did not have much love for wealth, because of his love for the country, he also donated all his wealth in Bhudan and the family started to tie up with him.

VP Singh joined the All India Congress Party in Allahabad University as a member in 1969.

He was a skilled politician, was elected members of the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh in 1969, at this time it was the leader of the Congress.

Won the Lower Parliamentary Lok Sabha election in 1971. In 1974, Indira Gandhi made it the Union Commerce Deputy Minister.

V P Singh Biography

V P Singh Biography

VP Singh took over the post from 1976-1977. In 1980 he became a member of the Lok Sabha. After the fall of the Janata Dal government in 1980, when Indira came back to power, VP Singh was made Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh at that time.

Anand Kumar, professor of sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru University, told that his views about reservation were not made when the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh or the Finance Minister at the Center.

Together with the leaders of socialist background like Ramdhan, Ram Vilas Paswan and Sharad Yadav, when he created a Janmarch.

Then they knew the importance of the Mandal Commission’s recommendations. He said that the time when the recommendations of the Mandal Commission were implemented were not correct at that time.

In fact, after the dispute with Chaudhary Devi Lal, VP Singh soon implemented the Mandal Commission’s recommendations.

V P Singh Biography

But, of course, that, as a result of this, the country will always remember the 27 percent reservation given to the backward classes.

Once VP Singh himself had said on the issue of the Mandal, “My foot has broken into making the round, but the goal is gone.”

Senior journalist Rambhadur Rai, who wrote a book titled ‘More than the floor’ on Vishwanath Pratap Singh, told that when VP Singh became the Prime Minister, he had been given two types of expectations.

First of all, this government will not make that mistake by the Janta Party. And secondly that this government will be clean and free of corruption.

Vp It can be said about Singh that he was the right leader for this developing country. Raja was not a fakir. He was sympathy for the backward.

Personal integrity and sacrifice in them were so much that their name can be eaten tightly. It is the misfortune of this country that he remains the Prime Minister for a few days.

V P Singh Biography

The main problem of this country is government corruption at all levels. Most of the other issues continue to be born due to fraud.

VP Singh was hard against corruption. If the harsh person against crime is still sitting on the Prime Minister’s chair, half the government corruption will end in the same way.

Man Mohan Singh himself is honest, but against corruption, there is not even any hardship. Discuss their role in the first Bofors scandal.

After the withdrawal of Rajiv Gandhi from the Cabinet in the eighties, VP Singh was campaigning against the corruption of the Rajiv government across the country by creating a Jan Morcha.

In the same sequence, they came to Patna. They were addressing a gathering near the striking mode of Bailey Road. As a reporter of the state, the author of these lines was also present in that meeting.

V P Singh Biography

They were seamless and simple. His personality was complex. They were a kind of unwise puzzle.

They often wanted to deal with their problems themselves. Before taking any important decisions or giving any vital statement, they would have been separated from their colleagues and absorbed themselves.

Therefore, among the five Prime Ministers, I got an opportunity to work with, I found VP Singh beyond the highest reach.

Despite being a famous genius, VP Singh was endearing. Perhaps a poet and painter who was hiding in him had made him heartbroken.

After being withdrawn from active party politics due to health, these talents were fully voiced and realized.

V P Singh Biography

His poetry was characterized by the unique satire on ideas, the ideas of society, and the political system, the sutras affecting the ‘naval arrows.’

VP Singh had a great virtue, his fearlessness. In his campaign against corruption, he took strong action against the vast celebrities of industry and trade.

In the same way, in the bilateral and international arbitration in the national interest, he ignored the pressure of the most significant powers and persisted in India’s determined view.

The most prominent example of this was found in Gat conversations in the Punta del Este city of Uruguay.

Despite all the pressure of the US and other Western countries, he did not surrender to India’s interests on the services and intellectual property issues.

V P Singh Biography

In 1983, he was again appointed for the post of the Minister of Commerce. After this, because of the lion in the 1989 elections, BJP managed to remove Rajiv Gandhi from his throne.

For the critical role played by him in 1989, he is always remembered in Indian politics.

It is said that the elections of 1989 brought a significant change in the country and the same poll, they helped the Dalits and the small group people by becoming prime ministers.

Singh was a fearless politician, like the other Prime Ministers, he was not afraid before making any decision, but he made any decision with fearlessness and so did he by ordering arrest against LK Advani. While being the Prime Minister, he also opposed the rising corruption in the country.

V P Singh Biography

Death of V P Singh

VP Singh died at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi. Earlier, VP Singh, suffering from kidney and cardiac problems, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Bombay Hospital.

The 76-year-old Singh was undergoing treatment for kidney and kidney diseases. He usually had dialysis at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi or Bombay Hospital in Mumbai.

He was also suffering from a disease like blood cancer since 1991, but despite this, he did not leave active political life.

V P Singh Biography

Apart from being a politician, VP Singh was also known as a sensitive poet and painter.

His collection of poems have been published, and many of his art exhibitions were appreciated.

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