1 May History | Today in history English

1 May History | Today in history English

1 May History | Today in history English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of May 1, as well as know about births and deaths on May 1,


Born 1 May 

1 – Senior Administrative Officer and Former Governor of Kerala and Madhya Pradesh

2 – Niranjan Nath Wanchoo was born in 1910.

3 – Balraj Sahni was born in 1913.

4 – Indian playback singer Manna Dey was born in 1919.

5 – Famous poet and contemporary critic Namwar Singh was born in 1927.

6 – Indian politician S. M. Krishna was born in 1932.

7 – Ramesh Bhai, the founder of social reformer and Sarvoday Ashram Tadianwa, was born in 1951.

8 – India’s contemporary poet and writer Jagdish Vyom was born in 1960.

9 – Israeli tennis player City Peer was born in 1987.

10 – Indian actress Anushka Sharma was born in 1988.

1 May History | Today in history English

Those people who died today

1 – Famous woman social worker Nirmala Deshpande, who was associated with Gandhian ideology, passed away in 2008.

2 – The famous leader of ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Governor Ram Prakash Gupta died in 2004.

3 – Freedom fighter Prafulchand Chaki died in 1888.

1 May History | Today in history English

Historical events of May 1

1 – Queen Victoria inaugurated Mahaprishnan in 1851 in London.

2 – The strike was scheduled in 1886 for determining the working hours for the workers in America and the International Labor Day was announced on May 1.

3 – Swami Vivekananda established Ramakrishna Mission in 1897.

4 – Praful Chaki shot himself after the execution of the Muzaffarpur bomb blast in 1908.

5 – Car maker Ford was the first company in 1914 which enforced eight hours of work for its employees.

6 – In India, in May 1923, celebrating May Day was held in Chennai. Earlier, 80 countries of India were such where one May was celebrated as Labor Day.

7 – The Soviet Red Army entered Berlin in 1945.

8 – Polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salkan was made available to the public in 1956.

9 – Maharashtra was declared a state in 1960.

10 – Cuban Prime Minister Dr. Fidel Castro declared Cuba to be a socialist nation in 1961 and abolished the election process.

11 – National coal mines were nationalized in 1972.

1 May History | Today in history English

12 – During the Labor Day celebrations in Istanbul, Taksim Square in 1977, approximately 36 people died.

13 – Fu Dorjee succeeded in climbing Mount Everest without oxygen in 1984.

14 – Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadas died in a bomb blast in 1993.

15 – The United Nations declares itself as poor in 1996.

16 – Proposal for incorporation in NATO to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic passed in the Senate 1998.

17 – Punishment of capital punishment in Nepal ended in 1999.

18 – Miraya Moskoso was appointed the first woman president of Panama in 1999.

19 – The International Inter-Parliamentary Union suspended the membership of the League from the membership of the League to dissolve the Parliament of India, Pakistan, Ivory Coast and Sudan in 2000.

20 – Jash-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toiba, the United States of America declared a terrorist organization, the United States special 301 list was included in 2001.

21 – Israel on August 2002 removes army from Hebron

1 May History | Today in history English

22 – Marek Belka became the new Prime Minister of Poland in 2004.

23 – US diplomat Pal Bromer’s appointment to Iraq’s administrator in 2003.

24 – In the EU 2004, 10 new nations joined

25 – Saddam Hussein rejected American offer of conditional release in 2005

26 – India’s newest ranking in ODI ranking by ESPN in 2007

27 – President Pratibha Patil has appointed seven new judges in the Allahabad High Court in 2008.

28 – In 2008, the Taliban-backed terrorist group of Pakistan controlled the city of Dera Adam, in the North-West Frontier Province. Belarus ordered 10 American diplomats to leave the country.

29 – Similar Sex Marriage in Sweden was legally declared valid in 2009.

30 – In the Somalion capital Mogadishu in 2010, in the afternoon at Abdal Shida Masjid near Bakra Bazar, two bomb attacks in front of the rebel organization “Islamic al-Shabab” (Movement of Warrior Youth) 30 people were killed and 70 were injured.

31 – Barack Obama announced in 2011 that the 11 September deadly explosions have killed Osama bin Laden.

32 – Self. On the occasion of his sixty-two birthday celebrations, on the occasion of Labor Day, Ramesh Bhai was dedicated to the Global Reader class on 2013 in the ceremony organized by Sarvoday Ashram Tadiava in Rishabh Bhai on the occasion.

 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया


 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया


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