10 March History | Today in history English

10 March History | Today in history English

10 March History | Today in history English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of March 10, as well as know about births and deaths on March 10,


Born 10 March

1 – In 1932, the birthplace of Udupi Ramachandra Rao, a former scientist and former chairman of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), was born.

2 – In the year 1934, today’s famous social reformer Lallan Prasad Vyas was born.

3 – Famous Congress leader Madhavrao Scindia was born on the same day in 1945.

10 March History | Today in history English

Those people who died today

1 – The social worker and renowned poet poet Savitri Bai Phule, the pioneer of women’s education, passed away in 1897.

10 March History | Today in history English

Historical events of March 10

1 – England announced the war against Spain in 1624.

2 – The first census was conducted in Great Britain in 1801.

3 – The first coins were cast in Hawaii in 1847.

4 – Great Britain and France recognised Zanzibar’s independence in 1862.

5 – American inventor Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone in 1876

6 – Invented and today the first successful telephone conversation between Graham Bell and his colleague Watson was on the same day.

7 – Ivory Coast became part of the French Empire in 1893.

8 – Mahatma Gandhi was arrested in 1922 on charges of treason.

9 – Signature by China on the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1922

10 – Japan declared Vietnam as an independent country in 1945.

11 – US Army bombarded Japan in 1945, causing millions of people to be injured.

10 March History | Today in history English

12 – Martin Luther King’s killer, James Earl Ray, was sentenced to 99 years in prison in 1969.

13 – The British governor and his colleague were shot dead in 1973 in Bermuda, located in the Atlantic Ocean area.

14 – India won the Benson and Hedges Cricket World Cup in 1985.
North Korea tested the cruise missile in 2003.

15 – In 2006, 26 people were killed in landmine blast in Quetta city of Pakistan.

16 – Viswanathan Anand reached the top spot in chess in 2007 by defeating Vasilyivanchal of Ukraine.

17 – Women’s Reservation Bill passed in the upper house of the Indian Parliament in the Rajya Sabha in 2010.

 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया


 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया


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