12 January History | Today in history English

12 January History | Today in history English

12 January History | Today in history English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of January 12, as well as know about births and deaths on January 12,


Born 12  January

1 – Rajmata Jijabai was born in 1598 in the city of Buldhana in Maharashtra.

2 – Indian philosopher Swami Vivekananda was born in 1863 in Kolkata.

3 – Bharat Ratna’s freedom fighter, social worker and educationist Bhagwan Das was born in 1869 in Varanasi.

4 – American writer Jack London was born in 1876 in the United States of California.

5 – Famous woman revolutionary Nelly Sengupta was born in 1886 in Cambridge, England.

6 – India’s famous mathematician Badrinath Prasad was born in 1899 in Mohamadabad Gohana village of Azamgarh district.

7 – Indian independence movement leader Umashankar Dixit was born in Unnao city of Uttar Pradesh in 1901.

8 – Indian spiritualist Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was born in 1917 in Jabalpur city.

9 – Hindi film producer-director, singer and composer C. Ramachandra was born in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra in 1918.

10 – Famous Urdu poet Ahmed Faraj was born in 1931 in Kohat, Pakistan.

11 – Indian politician Ajay Maken was born in Delhi in 1964.

12 – Politician and Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma was born in Lucknow city in 1964.

13 – Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, was born in Delhi in 1972.

12 January History | Today in history English

Those people who died today

1 – French mathematician Pierre Firma died in 1665.

2 – In 1924, freedom fighter Gopinath Saha of West Bengal died.

3 – In 1934, the famous revolutionary Surya Sen, who fought for the independence of India, passed away.

4 – In 1941, one of the Indian revolutionaries, Late Lal Sharma, passed away.

5 – In 1976, Agatha Christie, one of the world’s best-known detective novelists, died.

6 – In 1992, India’s famous classical singer Kumar Gandharva passed away.

7 – In 2005, famous actor and villain Amrish Puri of Indian cinema died

8 – ‘Murray Dasti Kohal,’ who was the founder of the world’s biggest film show Toronto International Film Festival, died in 2008.

12 January History | Today in history English

Historical events of January 12

1 – Chhatrapati Shahu Ji was crowned the Maratha ruler in 1708.

2 – Britain took possession of the province of West Bengal in 1757 in the area of Portugal.

3 – The Royal Aeronautical Society in London was formed in 1866.

4 – A long-distance wireless message was sent for the first time in 1908 from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

5 – Gopinath Saha, as a police commissioner of Kolkata, Charles Augustus Tegart, in 1924 a man accidentally murdered. After this, he was arrested.

5 – The tremendous revolutionary Surya Sen of India’s freedom struggle was hanged in Chittagong in 1934. He founded the Indian Republican Army and successfully led the Chittagong revolt.

6 – In 1948 Mahatma Gandhi gave his last speech and decided to sit in fast against communal violence.

7 – After the independence, on January 12, 1950, the name ‘United Provinces’ was changed to ‘Uttar Pradesh.’

8 – Former India bowler Bapu Nadkarni threw 21 consecutive balls in the first Test against England in Madras in Madras in 1964. It has so far been recorded in the history of over six grads.

9 – Zanzibar insurgents started the revolution and proclaimed the Republic in 1964.

10 – Every year since 1984, on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary, this day was announced to celebrate ‘National Youth Day’ in the country.

11 – Romania banned the Communist Party in 1990.

12 January History | Today in history English

12 – The American Parliament approved the 1991 military action against Iraq in Kuwait.

13 – 19 countries of Europe agreed in 1998 to prohibit human cloning.

14 – India denies the Indonesia-Russia-China Treaty in 2001, the forces posted after the tension on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border due to the dam construction plan on the Naf river.

15 – Indian-origin woman Linda Babulal Trinidad became president of Parliament in 2003.

16 – “RMS Queen Mary 2”, the world’s largest sea ship, started its first trip in 2004.

17 – ‘Deep Impact’ spacecraft launched from Delta II rocket in 2005 to land on Temple-1 comet (comet).

18 – India and China signed a substantial agreement on hydrocarbons in 2006.

19-Aamir Khan’s film, Rang De Basanti, nominated for the BAFTA in 2007.

20 – In 2008, 2500 shops were burnt down in the fire by fire in Kolkata.

12 January History | Today in history English

21 – Famous composer A. R. Rahman became the first Indian to win the prestigious Golden Globe Award.

22 – Dr. Jayant Kumar, a scientist from Allahabad University, searched the world’s oldest meteor-mass crater in 2009.

23 – More than 200,000 people killed in 2010 earthquake in Haiti A large part of the city was destroyed in it.

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