12 October historical events in english

12 October historical events in English

12 October historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of October 12, as well as know about births and deaths on October 12,


Born 12 October

1 – The first revolutionary and later Gandhi’s follower, Perin Ben, was born in 1888.

2 – Famous scientist Atmaram was born in 1908.

3 – The great Indian cricketer Vijay Merchant, born in 1911, was the son of Don Bradman.

4 – The popular leader of BJP and ‘Rajmata of Gwalior’ was born in 1919 to Vijaya Raj Singh Scindia.

5-The famous politician, the governor of Punjab, former Lok Sabha speaker Shivraj Patil was born in 1935.

6 – The famous Urdu poet and songwriter Nida Fazli was born in 1938.

7 – Sivakumar Bilgrami was born in 1963, is a contemporary lyricist and Ghazalkar known for his original writing and contemplation.

8 – Sociology Kiran Mishra was born in 1980.

12 October historical events

Those people who died today

1 – Indian freedom fighter Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia passed away in 1967.

Historical events of October 12

1 – America’s discovery Christopher Columbus was dedicated to the first monument in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1792.

2 – Britain and France’s army occupied Beijing’s capital of Beijing in 1860.

3 – In 1871 the Criminal Tribes Act was enacted by the British Government under which 160 local communities were declared criminal offenders.

4 – American President Theodore Roosevelt changed the name of Rashtrapati Bhavan from Executive Mansion to the White House in 1901.

5 – For the first time, a machine named ‘Iron Lung’ was used for a girl in the Children’s Hospital in Boston, USA, in 1928.

6 – The US Department of Justice acquired the Alcatraz Islands from the US Army in 1933.

7 – For the first time in the world in 1964, the Soviet Union sent astronauts without space spaces to space.

8 – Country Equatorial Guinea, located in Central Africa, gained independence from Spain in 1968 and this day was declared the national day of this country.

12 October historical events

9th – 12th October – January 2013, for the next five years, Javier Perez de Quaiyor N. The General Secretary of the Union elected in 1986.

10 – The US Parliament gave its approval to the ban on the destruction of the flag here in 1989.

11 – About 510 people died in an earthquake in Egypt’s capital Cairo in 1992.

12 – Massacre of 43 people in 1997 Sidi Dawood of Algeria

13 – The American Parliament passed the online copyright bill in 1998.

14 – General Parvez Musharraf, after the coup over Pakistan’s 1999 coup,

15 – According to the United Nations calculation, the birth of six billion babies in Sarayev, volcanic moon IOK of space exploration vehicle Galileo Jupiter Planet. Nearly reached

16 – Spacecraft ‘Discovery’ projected in Florida from 2000 to space.

12 October historical events

17 – The United Nations and its Secretary-General Kofi Annan jointly announced the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.

18 – European observers accused 2002 of rigging in the elections held in Pakistan.

19 – A Nightclub in Bali killed 202 people in a terrorist attack in 2002.

20 – Pakistan test Gauri-1 missile in 2004.

21 – China sent its second spacecraft in 2005 to the Earth’s orbit with Shenyen-6 2 space shutters.

22 – US Vice-President Zodor and International Panel of the United Nations (IPCC) jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2007.

23 – The Uttar Pradesh government withdrew its land in 2008, given three months before the Rail Coach Factory in Lalganj, Rae Bareli, about five hundred acres of land. Sardar Alfonso of Kerala became India’s first female saint.

12 October historical events

24 – Falin (cyclone) knocked on Odisha coast in 2013

25 – A bomb blast in 2013 in a cracker factory in Vietnam killed 15 people.

26 – Ivo Morales again was elected President of Bolivia in 2014.

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