22 september historical events in english

22 September historical events in English

22 september historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of September 22, as well as know about births and deaths on September 22,


Born 22 September

1 – India’s social reformer VS Srinivas Shastri was born in 1869.

2 – Chinese physicist, Nobel laureate Chen Ning Yang was born in 1922.

3 – Pawan Kumar Chamling, the founder of Sikkim State’s Chief Minister and founder of Sikkim Democratic Front, was born in 1950.

22 september historical events

Those people who died today

1 – Today Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of the Sikh community, died on 1539 at Kartarpur, Punjab. He established the religion of Sikhism.

2 – Physicist and surgeon Michael Faraday died in 1791.

3 – Maulana Abdul Ali Maududi, the founder of Jamiat-e-Islam, died in 1979.

4 – Durga Khote, the famous actress of Hindi and Marathi films, died in 1991.

5 – Captain of Indian cricket team and Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi of Pataudi died in 2011.

22 september historical events

Historical events of September 22

1 – The US Congress authorized the postmaster general’s office in 1789.

2 – The establishment of the Republic of France occurred in 1792.

3 – American citizen Italo Marchioni was given a patent for ice cream cone in 1903.

4 – German warship Imdan bombarded in the year 1914 at Madras Harbor.

5 – The National Council approved Palestine’s mandate in 1922.

6 – The Soviet Union successfully tested the first atomic bomb in 1949.

7 – In the UK, commercialization of television began in 1955. It’s just six minutes in each hour
The advertisement was allowed to broadcast, and it was not allowed to run in the morning.

8 – US President John F. Kennedy signed the Congress Act for the establishment of the Peace Corps in 1961.

22 september historical events

9 – In the battle between India and Pakistan, in 1965, on the day of the United Nations, there was a cease-fire.

10 – American carrier ‘Surveyor 2’ collided in the moon’s surface in 1966.

11 – The American football team, led by Pelé, came to Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1977 to play two exhibition matches.

12 – The boundary conflict between Iran and Iraq changed to 1980 as the war.

13 – The Canadian government apologized for the detention of Japanese and Canadian citizens during World War II in 1988 and promised to pay compensation.

14 – National Geographic Magazine’s publication today began in the year 1988.

15 – The UN General Assembly expelled Yugoslavia in 1992 for the role in the war between Bosnia and Herzegovina.

22 september historical events

16 – France sent its army to the Ivory Coast in 2002.

17- Atlantis Spice Craft, on the mission of the International Space Station, landed on the Kennedy Space Center in 2006. A 10-member team of the National Cadet Corps leaves for Moscow

18 – Iran demonstrated the missile power of 1800 km range of missile in 2007.

19 – NASA’s Air Craft explores seven shapes of caves on Mars in 2007.

22 september historical events

20 – Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh flew on a ten-day trip to the US and France in 2008.

a21 – The Indian Planning Commission has refused to accept the person who spent Rs 965 in cities and 781 rupees in villages in the affidavit filed before the Supreme Court on 2011, considering the person is paying as much as Rs 781 per month.

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