23 september historical events in english

23 September historical events in English

23 september historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of September 23, as well as know about births and deaths on September 23,


Born 23 September

1 – Independence fighter and social reformer Yusuf Mehrli was born in 1903.

2 – Hindi world-famous poet Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ was born in 1908 today.

3 – Asima Chatterjee, the first Indian woman to get a doctorate in science/chemistry, was born in 1917.

4 – Hindi and Punjabi film actor Prem Chopra was born in 1935.

Those people who died today

1 – World famous neurologist Sigmund Freud passed away in 1939 in 1939.

2 – Rao Tularam, freedom fighter who played a significant role in the revolt of 1857 during the freedom struggle, died in 1863.

3 – Renowned Pandit and theologian Satyanarayan Shastri of the modern Ayurvedic world died in 1969.

Historical events of September 23

1 – Signature of the Belgrade peace agreement between Russia and Turkey in 1739.

2 – The British East India Company defeated the Maratha army in the Battle of Asaye in 1803.

3 – Russian warship Lefert disappeared in the storm of 1857 in the Gulf of Finland, killing 826 people.

4 – World famous neurologist Sigmund Freud was born in 1939 on the same day today.

5- Child Marriage Restraint Bill (Sharda’s Law) passed in 1929.

6 – Pakistan signed the Baghdad Pact on 1955

7 – Britain conducted an atomic test on Christmas Island in 1958.

8- Order of cease-fire between India and Pakistan in 1965.

9 – Abdul Razak bin Hussain became the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1970.

23 september historical events

10 – Eight people were killed in a 1976 crash in a British Navy ship battleship This ship, named HMS Glasgow, built in the east of England, was about to begin its test in the sea.

11 – The President approved the Constitution of Somalia in 1979.

12 – This passenger vessel from Gulf Air was flown by Karachi airport in Pakistan in 1983, and most of the passengers on board were Pakistani. The goods kept in this plane between the Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates exploded.

13 – US Congress chose Gulab as National Flower of America in 1986.

14 – Yugoslavia expelled from UNO in 1992.

15 – Agreement on Palestine self-government in the west coast between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1995 in possession (Egypt).

16 – In the 2000 Olympics, United States runner Marion Jones won a gold medal in the 100-meter race.

17 – Firearms between the British and Taliban forces, the United States lifted the ban on 2001 from India and Pakistan.

23 september historical events

18 – German Chancellor Gerhard Shredder 2002 in power again

19 – The first version of Mozilla Fire Fox was launched in 2002.

20 – Draft draft of democratic constitution in Bhutan in 2003.

21 – At least 1,070 people died in Haiti in 2004 after the storm.

22 – Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf invited Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to a dialogue in 2006.

23 – Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in 2009 set up seven satellites in orbit including Indian satellite Ocean Sat-2.

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