25 April History | Today in history English

25 April History | Today in history English

25 April History | Today in history English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of April 25, as well as know about births and deaths on April 25,


Born 25 April

1 – Indian famous football player I.M. Vijayan was born in 1969.

2 – Literary Chandrabali Pandey was born in 1904.

3 – Acting Secretary General Gladwin Pocket was born in 1900 until the election of the first Secretary-General of the United Nations.

4 – South African tennis player Jeff Koetzi was born in 1977.

25 April History | Today in history English

Those people who died today

1 – Indian saint Swami Ranganathananda passed away in 2005

2 – 2000 Famous story, screenplay and story writer of Indian Hindi films Pandit Mukhram Sharma passed away.

25 April History | Today in history English

Historical events of April 25

1 – Foreign trade allowed in 1867 in Tokyo, Japan’s capital.

2 – In 1905, white women got a franchise in South Africa.

3 – Paul Vane Hindenburg elected President of Germany in 1925.

4 – Bell Labs announced the creation of solar batteries for the first time in New York in 1954.

5 – Sodium nuclear reactor was first piloted in 1957.

6 – The then Soviet Russia conducted underground nuclear tests in 1975.

7 – More than 100 laborers became victims of nuclear radiation during the repair work at a nuclear power plant in 1981 in Japan’s Prega.

8 – The first ever color television broadcast in Delhi began in 1982.

9 – The German magazine ‘Stern’ published the first installment of Hitler & # 39; s controversial diary in 1983.

10 – About 100 people died in a rail accident in Japan in 2005.

11 – The new campus of the Viral Institute of Technology and Sciences opened in 2007 in Panama (Bahrain).

25 April History | Today in history English

12 – Bollywood’s famous artist and director Aamir Khan was given a special award of Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Smruti Pratishthan for the vital contribution in the field of cinema in 2008.

13 – Ten people were killed including three children due to the 2010 storm in the South American state of Mississippi.

14 – In the year 2010, the Indian Navy started the process of buying new light utility helicopters (EluH), instead of the old Chetak helicopters.

15 – Britain reopened its embassy in Somalia after 22 years of interval in 2013.

16 – 38 people were killed in a fire in a hospital in Ramensky, Russia in 2013.

 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया


 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया


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