26 November History | Historical events English

26 November History | Historical events English

26 November History | Historical events English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of November 26, as well as know about births and deaths on November 26,


Born 26 November

1 – The famous writer, poet, linguist, and editor Nathuram Lover was born in 1881.

2 – Famous historian and educationist Ram Sharan Sharma was born in 1919.

3 – The father of famous industrialist and white revolution, Kurien, was born in 1921.

4 – American cartoonist Charles M. Scales was born in 1922.

5 – Famous cinematographer V.K. of Hindi films Murthy was born in 1923.

6 – Yashpal (scientist), a famous scientist and educationist from India, was born in 1926.

7 – Famous politician, former Lok Sabha Speaker Ravi Rai was born in 1926.

26 November History | Historical events English

Those people who died today

1 – Indian politician and Hindi litterateur Shankar Dayal Singh died in 1995.

2 – 1982 Batch IPS officer and Head of Mumbai Anti Terror Squad Hemant Karkare passed away in 2008.

3 – Vijay Salaskar, a senior Police Inspector and Encounter Specialist serving in the Mumbai Police, died in 2008.

4 – Famous historian Tapan Roy Chaudhary passed away in 2014.

26 November History | Historical events English

Historical events of November 26

1 – Photograph of the meteorite was first taken for the first time in 1885.

2 – Kurien was born in 1921, the father of the country’s white revolution.

3 – Great cricketer Don Bradman scored ten thousand runs in first-class cricket in 1932.

4 – The National Cadet Corps was established in 1948.

5 – Supreme Constitution of the country Our Constitution was adopted in 1949

6 – The President of the Constituent Assembly, signed in 1949 on the Constitution of Azad India.

7 – The Upper House House of Lords of the UK had approved the proposal introduced in 1953 for launching a commercial television channel in the country today.

26 November History | Historical events English

8- In the 1960s, the STD service started between Kanpur and Lucknow for the first time in India.

9 – Around 450 people died in a cloudburst in Lisbon in 1967.

10 – Iraq and America reinstate diplomatic relations in 1984

11 – British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher entrusted his resignation to the British Queen in 1990.

12 – In today’s 1992, the UK Parliament has decided in a historic decision that British Queen Elizabeth will have to pay her income.

13 – To explore the possibilities of life on Mars, American space agency NASA sent spacecraft ‘Mars Global Surveyor’ to space in November (November 7); The United Nations Security Council passed the ‘Oil for Fuel Deal’ proposal unanimously about Iraq.

14 – Two Supreme Judges of the Supreme Court of India suspended the Chief Justice in 1997.

26 November History | Historical events English

15 – In the survey of BBC 2002, Winston Churchill was elected the most excellent British citizen.

16 – In Iraq bombings in 2006, 202 people lost their lives.

17 – Suicidal terrorist attacks in 2008 in Mumbai city of India. Terrorists

18 – After entering the hotel, he took many guests hostage. The Indian Army freed this after three days of operation.

19 – 164 people died in the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008, more than 250 injured.

20 – In 2012, ten children were killed and 15 injured in an air strike in Syria.

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