28 December History | Today in history English

28 December History | Today in history English

28 December History | Today in history English

Friends, today we know about the critical events of December 28, as well as know about births and deaths on December 28,


Born 28 December

1 – Princess Elizabeth of England was born in 1635.

2 – Marathi novelist, critic, and journalist Gajanan Trimbak Madkholkar were born in 1900.

3 – Hungarian mathematician and scientist John Fawn Neuman was born in 1903.

4- American comics producer (Marble Comics) Stan Lee was born in 1922.

5 – India’s famous industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani was born in 1932.

6 – Indian industrialist Ratan Tata was born in 1937.

7 – Indian politician Arun Jaitley was born in 1952.

8 – Linctus Torvalds was born in 1969, the Linux Rachayeta Colonel.

9 – Ramayana spokesman Acharya Pandit Punit Dwivedi was born in 1991.

28 December History | Today in history English

Those people who died today

1 – British historian Thomas Babington Macawale passed away in 1859.

2 – Rich of versatile talent, pioneer of social revolution and Jagar Jagrankar Sunderlal Sharma of Chhattisgarh state passed away in 1940.

3 – Lawyer, writer, politician and philosopher Chakravarti Rajgopalachari died in 1972.

4 – Famous politician and first Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Hira Lal Shastri, died in 1974.

5 – Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant died in 1977.

28 December History | Today in history English

Historical events of December 28

1 – Galileo saw the planet Neptune in 1612 and described it as a fixed star.

2 – Sambhaji Maharaj, son of Maratha ruler Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was imprisoned in 1668 by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, due to torture.

3- King Taksin became king of Thailand in 1767 and made Thoong Buri its capital.

4 – Spain recognized Mexico’s independence in 1836.

5 – Iowa became the 29th American province in 1846.

6 – The Indian National Congress Party was founded in 1885.

7 – The first session of the Indian National Congress took place in 1885 in Bombay, in which 72 representatives were involved.

8 – For the first time in 1895 in the history of cinema a story was made in the form of a film. This movie was created by the French inventor Lumir brothers who are called the father of the film world.

28 December History | Today in history English

9 – South American country Ecuador adopted its second liberal constitution in 1906.

10 – In the 1908 earthquake in Messina, Italy, about 80 people were killed.

11 – Imperial Airways started passenger and postal service between India and England in 1926.

12 – Melody of Love was released in Kolkata for the first time in 1928.

13 – Robert Sullivan became the first pilot in 1942, which filled one hundred times over the Atlantic Ocean.

14 – The Peak District was the first national park in the UK in 1950.

15 – The largest slaughterhouse located in the north of England was decided in 1957 to stop the animals due to foot and mouth disease.

16 – The Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test in 1957.

17 – China conducted nuclear tests in 1966 in Lop Nor.

18 – One million people attended the Pope festival in 1968 in Miami, US State of Miami.

19 – The bishop of the German dictator, Martin Borman as, found bones in 1972.

28 December History | Today in history English

20 – In the year 1974 in Pakistan, there were 5,200 dead in a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

21 – The United States conducted a nuclear test in 1976 in Nevada.

22 – India’s legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar broke the record of the great batsman Sir Don Bradman in his 1983 against the West Indies in the Madras Test, his 30th century.

23- In 1984, led by Rajiv Gandhi, Congress won the Lok Sabha election.

24 – The inventor of Poland, Marca Karmyski, became the first person to flag the flag on the northern and southern poles in the same year in 1995, world cinema entry into the second century.

25 – An illustrated postage stamp of Rs. Three was released in the set of five postage stamps in honor of the gallantry award winners in 2000 by the Indian Postal Department.

26 – Famous Fashion Photographer Harvey Rits, died in 2002.

27 – Israel left second commerce satellite from Kazakhstan’s Banana Space Station in 2003.

28 December History | Today in history English

28 – In the United States in 2003, decided to deploy Sky Marshal, i.e. security guard in some of Britain’s planes.

29 – Russia sent a second shipment of nuclear fuel to the Bush-era power plant in Iran in 2007.

30 – Internationally renowned poet and literary teacher. Suresh Vatsyayan died in 2008.

31 – Aam Aadmi Party formed a government in Delhi in 2013 with the support of Congress.

 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया


 Madhyprdesh ki nadiya | मध्यप्रदेश की नदिया



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