29 October historical events in English

29 October historical events in English

29 October historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of October 29, as well as know about births and deaths on October 29,


Born 29 October

1 – Boxer Vijender Singh, who won India’s first Olympic medal in boxing, was born in 1985.

29 October historical events

Those people who died today

1 – American editor and publisher Joseph Pulitzer died in 1911.

2 – First Lok Sabha member Syed Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi passed away in 1959.

3 – Gandhian woman Kamladevi Chattopadhyay, who was a social reformer, freedom fighter and a rejuvenator in the field of Indian handicrafts, died in 1988.

29 October historical events

Historical events of October 29

1 – England and Netherlands signed the anti-French Treaty in 1709.

2 – In 1794, the French army captured Venlo of the south-eastern Netherlands.

3 – The British Indian Association was established in Bengal in 1851.

4 – Spain declared war against African countries Morocco in 1859

5 – In the meeting of 27 countries in Geneva, the establishment of the International Red Cross Society was approved in 1863.

6 – Greece adopted the new constitution in 1864.

7 – Thousands of people were killed in the 1913 flood in Central American country El Salvador.

8 – Jamiya Milia Islamia was founded in 1920 by the efforts of former President Zakir Hussain.

29 October historical events

9 – After the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, in 1923, became a Turkish Republic.

10 – Defeat in Britain’s parliamentary election in 1924 in Britain.

11 – Black Tuesday in New York. The 1930s global economic recession began in 1929, with the massive decline in the New York Stock Exchange.

12- The Nazis killed 16 thousand Jews in Pinsk of Belarus in 1942.

13 – In the world, in 1945, the first ballpoint pen came into the market.

14 – Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands formed the Benelux union in 1947.

15 – The United States conducted nuclear tests in Nevada in 1958.

16 – African countries Algeria killed in 1990 earthquake killed 30 people

17 – The American Indian National Museum in New York was inaugurated in 1994.

29 October historical events

18 – In the referendum, the people of Canada Quebec County decided to live with Canada in 1995.

19 – Confirmation of International Chemical Weapon Treaty by Pakistan in 1997.

20- The devastating sea storm came in 1999 in Orissa.

21 – Iceland President Olafur Regener Gryman 2000 arrives in India on a seven-day state visit

22 – In Pakistan, primitive tribals occupied the airstrip, jail and petrol pumps of the Chalas town of Pakistan occupied Kashmir in 2001.

23 – President of Trinidad and Tobago Maxwell Richards, in New Delhi in 2004, Indian President A.P.J. Talking with Abdul Kalam.

24-In the field of ‘Food for Food Program’ in the Balkans report 2005, India’s Foreign Minister Natwar Singh was raised on the finger.

25 – 62 people died in serial bomb blasts in 2005 in busy areas two days before Deepawali in Delhi

29 October historical events

26 – A bomb blast in Assam in 2008 killed 69 people and injured 350 people.

27 – Death of 286 people due to Sandy Hurricane 2012 in the east coast of America

28 – China announces to end one-child policy on 2015.

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