3 October historical events in english

3 October historical events in English

3 October historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of October 3, as well as know about births and deaths on October 3,


Born 3 October

1 – India’s 45th Chief Justice, Deepak Mishra, was born in 1953.

2 – Indian film director J. P. Dutta was born in 1949.

3- Lakshmi Narayan Sahu, a social worker and public worker of Orissa, was born in 1890.

Those people who died today

1 – India’s first woman graduate and primary female physician Kadambini Ganguly died in 1923.

2 – Famous jurist, advocate and educationist, Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer died in 1953.

3 – Indian writer M.N. Vijayan passed away in 2007.

Historical events of October 3

1 – French troops captured Madrid in 1657.

2 – France and sixth Carol Emperor signed a peace agreement in 1735.

3 – The British captured 1831 on Mysore (now Mysuru).

4 – The then American President Abraham Lincoln announced the 1863 ‘Thanks Giving Day’ in America.

5 – The Vienna Agreement between the representatives of Italy and the Austrian Empire was signed in 1866.
6 – By which Austria handed over the Sensei state to Italy.

7 – First Marathi music drama ‘Music Shakuntala’ was staged in 1880 in Pune.

8 – Earthquake of 7.8-Richter scale in 1915 in Pleasant Valley of Nevada

9 – Iraq became independent from the United Kingdom in 1932.

3 October historical events

10 – Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was arrested in 1977 on corruption charges

11 – First in Calcutta (now in Kolkata) and the second test tube baby in the world was born in 1978.

12 – India’s longest train, Himsagar Express, was released from Kanyakumari to Jammu Tawi in 1984.

After 13 – 45 years, the formal announcement of one in East and West Germany was made in 1990.

14 – Geet Sethi won the World Professional Billiards Championship in 1992.

15 – India formally released its claim for the permanent membership of the Security Council in 1994.

16 – Agreement on facilitating Hong Kong transfer between China and England in 1995.

17 – Pakistani batsman Shahid Afridi made history by scoring a century in 37 balls in one day international in 1995.

3 October historical events

18 – S.No. To prevent molecular substances and little accidents The United States and Russia established a joint crisis centre in 1999.

19 – Pakistan tested Hull-III missile in 2003.

20 – The political organisation of Lashkar-e-Taiba divided into two parts in 2004.

21 – The new Secretary-General of the United Nations will be the Moon of Ban Ki-South in 2006.

22 – Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Motors, announced to take the Nano car project from Singur in 2008.

23 – Russia successfully launched the Global Position System Detector GLONASS-M with the Soyuz-2-1B rocket from the Plesetsk Space Center in 2011.

24 – In the US, police action was taken in 2011, and 700 people were arrested on protesters running the Occupied Wallstreet Movement against corruption, global warming, non-violence etc. in the US.

3 October historical events

25 – Sapper Shanti Tigga 2011 becomes the first woman to join the regional army of Indian Railways. 969 Railway Engineer Regiment of Territorial Army joining the 35-year-old peace engineer is the mother of two children.

26 – In the southern part of Yemen, in 2011, at the place of 119th Brigade near Zinjibar of Aubian province, 25 soldiers were killed in a bomb blast by the soldiers of their own country.

27 – World’s fourth-seeded British tennis player Andy Murray won the singles title of the ATP Thailand Open by defeating Donald Young of America in 2011.

28 – Pakistani painter, known by the name of Painter Babu, made a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi with his blood in 2011 to give a message of peace and love to the world.

29 – Nearly 134 people died after a boat sank in 2013 near the Italian island of Lampedusa.

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