6 October historical events in english

6 October historical events in English

6 October historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of October 6, as well as know about births and deaths on October 6,


Born 6 October

1 – 12th King Emperor of Mughal dynasty was born in 1679.

2- Meghnath Saha, an Indian scientist, working in the field of mathematics and physics, was born in 1893.

3- Mathura’s famous saint Kripalu Maharaj was born in 1922, which had created the famous ‘Prem Mandir.’

4 – Jeevan Deo Ghosh, the 32-year-long umpire in India, was born in Bengal in 1935.

5 – Famous actor and politician Vinod Khanna was born in 1946.

6 – Baba Khadak Singh, freedom fighter, Punjab’s Grand Old Man, was born in 1963.

6 October historical events

Those people who died today

1 – The seventh Guru of Guru Harari passed away in 1661.

2 – Revolutionary Nana Saheb Peshwa died in 1858.

3 – Punjab’s freedom fighter and Grand Old Man Baba Khad Singh died in 1963.

4 – Great freedom fighter, barrister, leader, nationalist and Lok Sabha member Vengalil Krishna Menon died in 1974.

5 – Datto Waman Potdar, Marathi literary and famous social worker, died in 1979.

6 – The famous revolutionary and social worker of Rajasthan, Gokulbhai Bhat died in 1986.

6 October historical events

7 – Famous Indian poet, writer, linguist, constitutionalist and famous jurist Laxmi Mall Singhvi died in 2007.

8 – Politician, 9th Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Babasaheb Bhosale passed away in 2007.

9 – Politician Pyarelal Khandelwal died in 2009.

10 – Famous Indian lawyer, leader and 19th Governor of West Bengal B. Satya Narayan Reddy died in 2012.

11 – American actress Marion Seldes died in 2014.

6 October historical events

Historical events of October 6

1 – King Louis of France captured Milan in 1499.

2 – In 1582, this day was canceled in Poland, Spain, Italy, and Portugal due to the enactment of the Gregorian calendar. That is, there was no such day in the year.

3 – 13 German families came to Philadelphia from Krefeld of Germany in 1683. This day every year the German American day is celebrated.

4 – Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia 17 years in 17 years of age.

5 – British soldiers captured Manila in the Philippines in 1762.

6 – The Indian Penal Code passed in 1862 and came into effect from January 1.

7 – The Prime Minister of Tablucci Bulgaria was created in 1919.

8 – The first feature film ‘The Jazz Singer’ which was released in 1927 with dialogue and background music was released.

9 – The decisive defeat of Poland in 1939.

6 October historical events

10 – The Soviet Union conducted nuclear tests in Novaya in 1957.

11 – 208 deaths due to the derailment of trains in Mexico in 1972

12 – On this day, the Egyptian and Syrian battalions started a two-sided attack in 1973 on Israel.

13 – Guyana embraced the constitution in 1980.

14 – The death of President of Mihir Anwar Sadat in the year 1981 by Islamic fundamentalists.

15 – President of India was enacted in 1983 in Punjab.

16 – Fiji was declared a republic in 1987.

17 – UNESCO announces the year 1995 as UN United Nations Tolerance year.

18 – Two Swiss scientists identified the home for the first time outside of the Earth’s solar system in 1995.

6 October historical events

19 – The United Nations Disarmament Conference, 1999, commenced in Vienna, Australia.

20 – Violence began after the Israeli police forcefully entered the Alaqsa mosque in 2000, during the bloodless procession in Yugoslavia, President Milosevich fled the country, opposition leader Kostunica declared himself the president.

21 – Naresh Gyanendra Veer Vikram Shah Dev of Nepal declared in 2002 not to take power.

22 – The we vetoed the proposal to stop the Israeli military campaign in 2004. Alkhanov became the President of Chechnya.

23 – The UN gave the right to use force in Lebanon in 2006 for force use.

6 October historical events

24 – Parvez Musharraf was declared elected unopposed to the post of President of Pakistan with one win in 2007. The Australian-American television satellite was tested with the help of Arian-5 rocket in Koro.

25 – Given the global slowdown, the Reserve Bank of India decided to cut the half-percent in cash reserve ratio (CRR) of banks in 2008.

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