9 October historical events in english

9 October historical events in English

9 October historical events

Friends, today we know about the critical events of October 9, as well as know about births and deaths on October 9,


Born 9 October

1 – Murad Baksh, the youngest son of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal (Noor Jahan), was born in 1624.

2 – Raja Lakshman Singh, the well-known writer of Hindi literature, was born in 1826.

3 – Acting Secretary of the Government of India, William S. Maris was born in 1873.

4 – Famous freedom fighter, journalist, poet, literary and popular social worker of Orissa, Gopragandhu Das, was born in 1877.

5 – Independence fighter and former chief minister, Tamil Nadu Minajur Bhaktavatsalam was born in 1897.

6 – Lyricist and composer John Lennon was born in 1940.

7 – Famous Indian sarod player Ustad Amjad Ali Khan was born in 1945.

8 – Argentine footballer orgy Luis Burusaga was born in 1962.

9 October historical events

Those people who died today

1 – Punjab’s freedom fighter Saifuddin Kichulu passed away in 1988.

2 – Indian politician Kanshiram died in 2006.

3 – Famous composer and singer of Indian Hindi cinema Ravindra Jain passed away in 2015.

9 October historical events

Historical events of October 9

1 – Korean Hungle Alphabet first published in 1446 in Korea.

2 – The city of Merida, Venezuela, was established in 1558.

3 – The world famous fight of Sweden and Russia, known as Dinopar, ended with Sweden’s defeat in 1708.

4 – The American Parliament officially changed the name of the country from the United Colonies in 1776 to the United States.

5 – American inventor Isaac Singer patented the sewing machine motor in 1855.

6 – In 1865, an underground pipeline for oil was laid in Pennsylvania, United States of America.

7 – Rome was officially included in Italy in 1870 through the courtesy.

8 – The World Postal Union was established in 1874 in Berne, Switzerland.

9 – For the formation of letters and general postal union between all the countries, 22 countries signed a treaty in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. Since then, celebrations started on 9th October as World Post Day.

9 October historical events

10 – Scottish scientist Alexander Graham Bell and his colleague Thomas Watson negotiated telephone for the first time in 1876. There was a distance of two miles between the two. After this, the moving car and two people sitting in the plane talked in 1947.

11 – Washington Memorial, created in memory of US President George Washington, opened for public for the first time in 1888.

12 – During the First World War, Germany’s army captured Antwerp of Belgium in 1914.

13 – The Anglo-Oriental College of Aligarh converted to the University of Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.

14 – London Metropolitan Police Service Commissioner Sir William Horwood was made a victim of poisoning of arsenic-filled chocolate in 1922.

15 – In the US in 1930, the first woman pilot Laura Engels landed in Glendale, California, by completing the intercontinental flight alone.

16 – Freedom Fighter, Bibi Amar Kaur hoisted the National Flag at the Lahore Jail Gate in 1942. They were arrested and sent to Ambala jail.

17 – The first electric blanket sales in 1946 in Pittsburgh, Virginia.

9 October historical events

18 – Independent India’s first Governor C. Rajagopalachari inaugurated the Territorial Army in 1949.

19 – African countries Algeria killed 1400 people in the earthquake in 1954.

20 – African country Uganda Republic made in 1962.

21 – Argentina’s famous Marxist Revolutionary Che Guevara was killed in 1967.

22 – The International Direct Dialing Service starts in Bombay (now Mumbai) and London in 1976.

23 – In the Royal Albert Hall of London, the first Sumo Wrestling Competition outside of Japan was held in 1991.

24 – The Nobel Prize in Literature was given in 1997 in Italian actor and writer Dario Fou.

25 – Pakistan’s National Assembly approved Islamic Sharia law in 1998 as the highest law in the country.

9 October historical events

26 – The Nobel Prize in Physics was announced jointly by America’s Ramand Davis and Koshiba in Japan in 2002.

27 – Launch of European satellite ‘Cryoset’ failed in 2005.

28 – Google announced the acquisition of U-Tube in 2006.

29 – China accused India of violating the agreement in 2007.

30 – The Central Government created a committee of experts to save oil from the mafia in 2008.

31 – American Space Agency NASA launched the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) in 2009.

9 October historical events

32 – More than 100 people died in Iraq bomb attacks in 2012, 350 others injured

33 – Malala, who played a crucial role in promoting girls’ education in 2012, was shot by the Taliban when she was going to school.

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