Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography in english

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography in english

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

Biography of Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was born on May 13, 1905, in the Hauz Kaji area of ​​Old Delhi. His father’s name was Colonel Jalanur Ali Ahmed, and his mother was the daughter of Nawab of Lahore.

His father was employed in the Indian Medical Service in Assam. When he was younger, his father was asked to leave Assam because he had refused to attend Shillong Club with the guests of European countries at a ceremony with Colonel Sibram Bora. As a result, they were moved from far away to the North-West Province.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s primary education was at Government High School in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. After completing his matriculation from Delhi High School of Government, he went to England in 1923 to receive higher education.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

Where he received his higher education from St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge. After getting a higher education, when he returned from London, he started practicing in the High Court in Lahore (now in Pakistan) in the year 1928.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad was married to 21-year-old Abida on November 9, 1945, at 40 years of age.

Abida had received education from the Aligarh Muslim University, and it belonged to an elite family from Uttar Pradesh. Begum Abida was later elected to the Lok Sabha from Uttar Pradesh in the year 1981.


Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s political journey

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was a thriving Indian politician who left a permanent impression of his political life on the Indian public, which has become a source of inspiration for the present-day Bhartiya Janata.

They are also remembered as Assam and the great sages of India. Through his ideas, he had made his invaluable contribution to the Indian independence movement.

Apart from this, as President of India, he has made an invaluable contribution in building a nation while presenting his commitment to selfless service and moral values.

Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, he also led the country as a popular leader.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

During his stay in England, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed met Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1925. He was very influenced by Nehru’s progressive ideas and began to consider him as his mentor and friend and started working with them since 1930.

At the request of Nehru, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad joined the Indian National Congress and actively participated in the Indian Freedom Struggle. While his co-religious were persuaded to join him in the Muslim League.

He actively participated in the Satyagraha movement in the year 1940 for the country’s independence, due to which he was arrested and had to go to jail.

Apart from this, he was arrested again on August 9, 1942, for his participation in support of ‘Quit India Movement’ when he was returning from the historic Mumbai meeting of the All India Congress Committee (AICC).

Thus, by April 1945, for nearly three and a half years, the country’s security was described as a danger to him, and he was kept in prison as a prisoner.

He worked on several important posts in the Congress Party He was elected to the Assam Assembly in the year 1935. He later became a member of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee in the year 1936.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

After this, he became Finance, Revenue and Labor Minister in Assam State in September 1938. He presented the best evidence of his dynamic administrative capabilities during his tenure.

He implemented the ‘Assam Agricultural Income Tax Bill’ while being a minister; this was the first such incident in India when the tax on the land of tea gardens was imposed. Because of their labor-pro-policy policy, employees of the British-owned ‘Assam Oil Company Limited’ went on strike.

As a result, Ali Ahmed had to face severe criticism. These events also saw their efficient administrative ability.


Activities of Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed after Independence

After India got independence, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was elected to Rajya Sabha in 1952. He was later made Advocate General of the Assam Government. He was elected twice on Congress ticket (1957-62 and 1962-67) Assam Assembly.

He became a minister in the Chalihah Cabinet in the year 1957. In 1971, he was elected to the Lok Sabha from Barpeta constituency. During his tenure, he worked skillfully in various ministries including food and agriculture, cooperative, education, industrial development, and corporate law. He was a member of the All India Congress Committee from 1947-1974.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed as President

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed chose Indira Gandhi’s choice during the partition of Congress in 1969, because of her close relationship with Nehru and her family.

After this, he was elected the 5th President of India on August 29, 1974, with the help of the Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. They were the second Muslim to become the President after Dr. Zakir Hussain.

After the Emergency in 1975, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was on the target of the opposition because he had signed the document related to the emergency at the behest of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed received the honor

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was a wealthy man of versatility. His interest was also in the most popular sports and other extracurricular activities of the time.

Being a player of tennis, football, cricket, and golf, he was also elected president of the Assam Football Association and the Assam Cricket Association several times.

Also, he was also the Vice President of the Assam Sports Council. After that, he became a member of Delhi Golf Club and Delhi Gymkhana Club in the year 1961. In the year 1967, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was elected president of the All India Cricket Association.

During his visit to Yugoslavia as President, he was awarded the honorary doctorate of the Doctorate in 1975 by Pristina University of Kosovo.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Biography

Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad dies

Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed has not been able to complete his five-year term as the 5th President of India. Soon after his return from South-East Asian countries, he suffered a heart attack and on February 11, 1977, at 71; he breathed his last in Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.

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