HD Deve Gowda Biography | एच.डी. देवगौड़ा की जीवनी

HD Deve Gowda Biography | एच.डी. देवगौड़ा की जीवनी

HD Deve Gowda Biography | एच.डी. देवगौड़ा की जीवनी

HD Deve Gowda Biography | एच.डी. देवगौड़ा की जीवनी

HD Early life of Deve Gowda

HD Deve Gowda was born on May 18, 1933, in Harandahalli village in Holanarsipurataluk, Hassan district of Karnataka.

He is the son of Dode Gowanda and Devamma. He belongs to the farmer family, and he has taken a diploma in civil engineering.

After completing his studies, Golda got into politics after he was 20 years of age. They married Chinnamma and they have four sons – HD Balakrishna Gowda, HD Revanna, Dr H.D. Ramesh and HD Kumar is the owner.

He has two daughters named H.D. Anusuya, and HD Shelley is there. His son, H.D. Kumaraswamy has been the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

HD Deve Gowda Biography

HD Deve Gowda’s political life

Gowda started his political career at a young age. He joined the Indian National Congress and was a party worker till 1962.

After this, he contested as a non-party candidate for the Karnataka Assembly and won the election.

He won three consecutive elections (fourth (1967-71), fifth (1972.77) and sixth (1978.83)).

He was the leader of the opposition from 1972-1976 in the state assembly and 1976-1977. During the Emergency imposed by Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi in 1975, she stayed in jail for 18 months.

During this time, he expanded his political knowledge by reading many books and talking to closed leaders in that period.

With this knowledge, both his political personality and his thoughts are scarce. On November 22, 1982, Gowda resigned from the sixth assembly.

HD Deve Gowda Biography

After this, he became the Minister of Public Works and Irrigation in the seventh and the eighth Assembly. During the tenure of Irrigation Minister, he started many new irrigation schemes.

In 1987, he left the cabinet and opposed the inadequate funds for irrigation.

In 1989, he had to taste the defeat. Of the 222 assembly seats, the Janata Dal party got only two seats.

After this, he was elected to the Parliament from Hassan Parliamentary Constituency in 1991.

He played an essential role in raising the problems of farmers, especially in Karnataka.

Along with the general public, he also received great respect from everyone in the Parliament. He became the leader of the Janata Dal twice.

HD Deve Gowda Biography

After this, he was elected leader of the legislature party by Janata Dal party and took over as Karnataka’s 14th Chief Minister on December 11, 1994.

After this great success, he won the election from Ramnagar assembly seat with massive votes.

In 1995, HD Devgowda visited trips to Swiss and Middle East countries for topics related to International Economics Forum and other development.

In 1996, the Congress Party lost the Lok Sabha elections, and Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao had to resign from the post.

After this, HD Devgowara became the 11th Prime Minister of the country. This situation was made because the Bharatiya Janata Party failed to form the government and the United Front coalition (a combination of regional, non-Congress and non-BJP parties) formed the government.

After becoming the Prime Minister, he resigned as Chief Minister of Karnataka. He was the Prime Minister of India from June 1, 1996, to April 21, 1997.

HD Deve Gowda Biography

HD Deve Gowda’s contribution

HD Devgoda has worked to improve the status of farmers in his political life.

He also did a lot for the development of Karnataka. When he was the Chief Minister of Karnataka, he started the reservation system, under which provision for reservations for minorities, backward classes, scheduled tribes and women were also made.

He solved the problem of “Idgah” ground in Hubli and announced the survey of the entire state for the development of the country. After completion of the study, the state government implemented several new schemes.

HD Deve Gowda Biography

HD Life of Deve Gowda

1933: Born in Harandahalli village in Hassan district of Karnataka.
1953: Joined Indian National Congress
1972-76: became Leader of the Opposition
1975: Sent to jail during Emergency
1982: Resigned from the Sixth Legislative Assembly.
1987: Resigned from the Cabinet.
1989: Lost in the election.
1991: Hassan was elected from the parliamentary constituency for the Lok Sabha.
1994: Being the leader of the Janata Dal Party Legislative Party, becomes the 14th Chief Minister of the state.
1995: Traveled to Singapore and Middle East countries.
1996: Becomes the 11th Prime Minister of India.

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