Kanha national park General information in english

Kanha national park gk in english

Kanha national park

Kanha national park

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aKanha National Park is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is mainly a tiger sanctuary, which is spread over 2051.74 sq. Km area.

This sanctuary is evaluated as the best garden in Asia. In the ‘Kanha Sanctuary’ grass fields, year-old trees, and bamboo forests, it is as if they are heaven for wildlife.

This is a free communication of tigers in the National Park, which proves successful in the sanctuary’s purpose. In this sanctuary, rare reindeer is also found, which can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Along with wildlife, more than 300 species of birds are found in this sanctuary.

Kanha national park

Status of Kanha National Park

With all the fantastic variety of wildlife ‘Kanha National Park’ is primarily known for the residence of the tiger.

The most beautiful place in the middle of central India is situated in Mandla and Balaghat districts.

As one of the oldest sanctuaries of the country since 1935 till today, there has been a long history of preserving the wildlife of this place, which is a matter of pride.

Kanha national park

This National Park has made its place on a world tourism map. Boring with tigers is also a precious gem here.

 At some point of time extinction, the rare recluse is now abundant in its natural habitat in Kanha National Park.

Kanha national park
This sanctuary has two vanguards-

1 – The core area
2 – Buffer area

This tiger sanctuary of ‘Kanha National Park’ is 2051.74 sq. Km. It spreads over 917.43 sq. Km. Core, 1134.31 sq km Buffer zone and 110.74 sq km The satellite includes minicom area.

Human activities have been banned in the core area of ​​the Tiger Reserve, and here the tiger can be seen roaming in the free atmosphere.

 ‘Kanha National Park’ is located between latitude 80 26 10 to 81 4 40 and between freedom 80 1 to 81 27 48.

Kanha national park

Kanha national park

Animals found in Kanha National Park

Droughts and halons flow through this National Park, of which Helon is perennial. The many tanks and bunds formed here are also the primary sources of water supply for wildlife.

The forest spreading inside the park is prominently in the tropical moist deciduous type. Kanha has 22 species of mammals.

 Other residents of this place are Chital, Sambar, Barking Deer, Reindeer, Black Deer, Neel Cow, and Gaur, etc. The species of deer and antelope are found.

Other residents include predators like sluggish bears and wild dogs, jackals, and striped woods.

Kanha national park

Birds found in Kanha National Park

There are 300 species of birds found here, including peacocks, I grate (a type of blackbird), singing birds, green pigeons, Garuda, falcon, tree pie, etc.

 Waterbirds can be seen in the gardens near many streams and pools. The gardens are open from October 16 to June 30.

The period between February and June is the ideal time to travel to Kanha. In the monsoon season, the garden is closed from 1 July to 15 October.

Kanha national park

Kanha National Park arrived this way

aKanha National Park can be reached by road through Mandla and Jabalpur city.

Dangers for entering this Tiger Reserve (3 Kms from Kisili and 68 Kms from Mandla); Towards Mandla and Muqi (82 km from Balaghat); And towards Balaghat and Sarhi (150 km from Jabalpur) it is the three entrance gate.

Along with Jabalpur, there will be a convenient railway station. The nearest airports are located in Jabalpur and Nagpur.

Daily bus service is available from Jabalpur to Kisli and Mukki and returns from there. In the tourism sector of the sanctuary, tourists are allowed between sunrise and sunset.

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