Satpura national park General information in english

Satpura national park General information in english

Satpura national park

satpura national park

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aSatpura National Park is located in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. It is spread over an area of ​​524 sq km.

 With its surroundings, near Bori and Pachmarhi sanctuary, it provides a unique central Indian highland ecosystem of 1,427 sq km.

 It was established in 1981. The National Park’s terrain is extremely inaccessible. And under it are the areas of sandstone peaks, narrow valleys, drains and dense forests.

Status of Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park is home to various types of organisms and tree plants, especially being known as Tiger Conservation Center.

It has been seen the lowest among all the wildlife sanctuaries of India. Initially, it was established with the aim of conserving the tigers.

 As the park’s land is quite stately, it has many valleys, waterfalls, and trails.

While strolling in the park, it should not be surprised to see sandy stone peaks, densely forested forests and substantial tawa reservoirs.

Satpura national park

 On arrival of Satpura National Park, tourists can easily see spotted deer, sheep, tiger, tandem and crocodile crocodiles, etc.

Unique attractions include black deer and giant Indian squirrels. Many types of birds are found in the National Park, which is a beautiful feeling to see.

Satpura National Park is a unique collection of trees and plants, where more than 1,300 species of plants and many medicinal plants are found.


Animals found in Satpura National Park

Here animals are found in tigers, leopards, sambhar, chital, sheep, Nilgai, chaosinga, chinkara, gaur, wild pig, wild dog, bear, black deer, fox, porcupine, flying squirrel, mouse deer and Indian huge squirrels.

There are also many species of birds found in which the beasts and peacocks are predominant.

Satpura National Park arrived this way

The nearest city to the National Park is Pachmarhi, and the nearest railway station is Pipariya, which is 55 km away. It is 210 km away from its capital Bhopal.

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Mp ke khanij sansadhan part 2


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